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Struggling to close the gap in your connection?

Each day can feel long and exhausting when things aren’t right at home. You’re trying to work. You’re trying to study. Or parent. Or focus on anything.
Because maybe now, the bond you’ve shared with “the one” seems strained or even threatens to break.
Your future suddenly feels uncertain.
After so many arguments and explosions, loneliness and silence might seem the lesser evil.
When the connection gap between you and your partner becomes a canyon of miscommunication, you likely find yourselves drifting further and further apart. Your relationship might feel fractured—no longer safe for sharing and growing together.
One or both of you may have reached the realization that you’re not okay with feeling this unhappy.
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Lots of couples get lost, lose confidence or feel let down by their relationships

At this point, you may feel increasingly upset at your inability to create a happier union.

It's not unusual to feel a sense of failure and real loneliness, even when your partner is right beside you. 

Why can’t you and your partner hear each other?

Why do you feel attacked or abandoned?

What is pulling you from the road to the fulfilling relationship that so many others seem to navigate with ease?

Couples everywhere wrestle to stay connected. Many of those who look content in their social media posts feel confused and disappointed by romantic dreams that aren’t panning out.

It’s okay to acknowledge that your relationship suffers the same communication issues, hurt feelings and unmet needs that hinder so many others.

The ground beneath your relationship may feel full of sinkholes right now, but it's important that you know that you can forge a safer, more empowered path toward understanding one other.

Counseling can help shrink the space that separates you

So how do you fix your relationship? Is it too late?

There is no expiration on your relationship if you seek out help, understanding and growth.

The human spirit and loving connections are resilient. You just need the support and tools necessary to explore your relationship patterns and strengthen your bond.

We believe in the value of coming together in a safe space, where no one is treated like the problem partner. The how's and why's of a solid relationship are teachable skills. Skills learned in counseling can help turn your relationship around.

Our goal is for you to look closely and identify what repeatedly goes wrong between you, establish better communication tools, and create healthier relationship patterns.

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