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Feeling caught in cycles of worry, panic and self-criticism?

Do you often think things like... What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I keep calm? Why do I get so rattled? I’m sick of worrying about what people think!

Maybe you’re having more of those thoughts than you’re used to because you’re in the midst of a difficulty, such as changing jobs or ending a relationship. Or, maybe you feel like you’ve been dealing with anxiety for most of your life.

Worry and fear may fire in rapid succession, racing through your mind. The worst-case scenario plays on a repeat cycle that steals your peace.

When you simply can’t enjoy your life because worry—and trying to avoid worry—demands more time and effort than your wellbeing and relationships, anxiety has too much power.

You may feel as though no one understand why you feel so out of control. But you are far from alone.

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Anxiety is an equal opportunity disruptor

Although endless loops of worry can be deeply isolating, the truth is, anxiety is incredibly common.

The struggle for mental space and clarity is an intense, everyday battle for some. Especially in today’s busy world, many people struggle to remember the last time they felt relief from racing thoughts and sleepless nights.

Commonly, key crossroads and life transitions stimulate significant periods of anxiety. 

The reality? Life can slip out of balance for anyone. There may be a clear trigger, trauma or tipping point. Or not. Many, many people feel plagued by worry with no obvious source.

Anxiety can also have different manifestations. 

Regardless of your history and your current experience, you’ve come to this page for a reason. Managing your anxiety has become too hard. 

But you can’t help it. At least not on your own.

So, what's the solution? Can you really find a way to pause these looping thoughts and engage in your life?


Anxiety Therapy can help get you back to your life, aware and empowered

You’ve longed to get back to the real you. The self that isn’t paralyzed with fear or confused by feelings, memories and thoughts that seem so out of control.

You need support and the most beneficial tools possible to break free and find relief.

We have anxiety therapy counselors who are here to offer you compassionate guidance and support.

Lets sit down together in a safe, confidential space, where your emotions and thought patterns will be heard and considered.

Anxiety treatment aims to help you become aware of unhelpful thinking so you can identify the perceptions and responses that are getting in your way. 

Then, you can move forward with a clear sense of who you are and what you can do to keep yourself safe and well.

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Recommended Books & Other Resources

We believe that creating a healthy environment means that couples and individuals need to fill their minds with positive, truth-centered resources and materials. Look at our team's favorite books and materials and why we recommend them. 

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